Contextual vs. Direct Advertising Monetization

Is contextual advertising starting to lose some steam? I have always assumed that most quality content publishers know exactly who their potential advertisers are and should sell ads directly to them for lots of reasons. If AdSense pays publishers on average $.25 cents per click, could you sell it directly to the advertiser for $.75-$1 profitably and provide more value? I would like to find a company that provides the best click management software to the small publisher and helps us get back to the basics of business and building relationships. I am looking for a software as a service company and not an ad network or ad server. Don't ask me how does it scales or makes money either as I want to solve the problem first. I think in the next couple of years we are going to see a lot of successful companies built that attack entrenched businesses that use the KISS philosophy. Keep it simple software or stupid.

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