The Hedge Fund Bubble Will Pop With A Massive Short Squeeze

The herd mentality approach to shorting needs to stop in order to get our economy back on track. The first professional casualties of short selling like cows has just occurred overnight in Germany with a few hedge funds blowing up on margin calls. This Volkswagen 400% short squeeze in Germany is just what we might get with some large U.S. stocks since no one is expecting it. Don't forget your loses are unlimited when shorting versus going long! I can think lots of other Dow and S&P stocks that might be in a similar position.

Please remind any hedge fund manager you know that they contribute absolutely zero to the prosperity of our economy, innovation and job growth. I cannot wait to hear stories of hedge fund managers jumping out of windows with the squeeze I think we could get. I hope someday that LP’s realize that most hedge funds mainly contribute to destruction. What would happen if 100’s of billions of dollars started getting allocated back into venture capital? Who knows maybe job creation, innovation, IPO’s?

Yes I am angry and hope venture capital thrives forever as the financial vehicle to growth in the economy. Hedge funds deserve some hard times like our “.com crash” and should become the worst performing asset class for the next 10 years!!!