What Are the Largest Internet Publishing Networks?

List of the Largest Content Publishing Networks

In an effort to compile a list of the largest internet content publishing networks I would appreciate your help improving this list of 30+ internet publishing companies I have started below. I realize that this list could get exhaustive but in light of Demand Media's IPO, it probably makes sense to crowdsource a list of the largest publishing networks and their monthly traffic numbers according to Quantcast top sites.  There is likely going to be some consolidation in the space so companies like Demand Media can start building their own ad network to diversify from Google and Yahoo Ad Sense advertising.  They will also need to scale their traffic in order for Wall Street to believe in the high growth story.  Here is my list of the top generic 10 publishing networks and their respective monthly traffic numbers according to Quantcast.  It's not always easy to distinguish the difference between an Ad Networks vs a Publishing Network but for this purpose, we would like to build a list of companies that has a team of writers on staff.

Ranked by Monthly Unique Visitors - # of Web Sites
Interactive Corp IAC - 250M  (Nasdaq:  IACI) over 40 sites
Glam Media - 144M over 400+ sites
Answers Network - 102M (NYSE: ANSW)
Daily Motion Network - 93M
Federated Media Network -87M over 112 sites
AOL - 52M 1 site
About.com - 45M 1 site
Huffington Post - 37M 1 site
Demand Media - 34M (NYSE: DMD) over 9 sites
Gawker Media Network - 32M over 9 sites
Break.com - 32M over 9 sites
Hulu - 32M 
Discovery Network - 32M over 5 sites
Associated Content - 28M (Nasdaq: Yahoo)
Manta - 23M
McClatchy Network - 23M over 67 sites
CNET & CPSSports - 22M (NYSE: CBS)
CNN - 20M 1 site
ChaCha - 20M 1 site
WebMD - 18M
TMZ - 17M
NYTimes - 15M
Drudge Report - 13M
NFL - 12M
NBA - 10M
Mahalo - 10M
NBC & CNBC - 17M
MLB - 8M
Funny or Die - 8M
WSJ - 6M
Fox - ???