Comscore Competition - "We Don't Have Any"

ComScore is a company that uses panels to measure and track consumer behaviors, demographics, and advertising responsiveness for industries such as travel, pharmaceuticals, finance, and telecommunications. Consumer products companies use ComScore's website and online advertising network measurement tools and ComScore's Marketing Solutions products, which provide custom research and analysis from its panel. Scam or is this accurate information?  

Today, on the earnings conference call Comscore management said "we have no competition".  This answer was prompted after an analyst ask the following question: "how are your viewing the market competition?"   Excuse me, but what about these web site analytics companies who more accurately measure?  Alexa, Nielsen, Google Analytics, Omniture, HitwiseQuantcast that provide more accurate information?  What about this list of mobile analytics companies? Airsage, Amethon, Bango Flurry, GroundTruth, Localytics, Mobilytics, Motally, M-Wise, Openwave, Percent Mobile, Pinchmedia, TigTags, Xtract. How could you not consider these companies as competitors? If there are any other companies I am missing please let me know.

There are several mobile phone analytics and social media analytics companies and many of them are more accurate. Management also gave a very "wishy washing" answer to how they measure and manage social media and mobile analytics.  How can you trust a public company that says we have no competition?  How can you trust the data that so many large companies use but have limited reach to measure its traffic?  Taking surveys and panels is not an ethical way to measure and track traffic.  In fact its one of the largest digital media scams in the last decade.   Someone needs to crack this egg and expose this.