When Will Visa or Mastercard Buy a Mobile Phone Company?

When are credit card phones going to become reality?  I have be been waiting almost a decade for this to happen and we still only have Google Wallet that is not widely used.  Mastercard $MA and Visa $V now both have market caps of  $92B and $157B respectively.  Mastercard does $8B in annual sales and Visa does $12B and pay a huge dividends.  

If credit cards are eventually going to be on mobile phones why don't these companies just buy a company like Blackberry that has a market cap of $3B and does $12B in annual sales?  Do these greedy credit card / banks have to wait until a smart company like Google figures out the technology before actually creating value for their customers?   Come on bankers lets start to innovate!  Get your heads out of your asses and do something to create value for your customers.  Plastic credit cards are useless and full of fraud.  Do something disruptive and innovative for once in your life.  Buy a mobile company instead of paying such a huge dividends and screwing consumers with your lousy interest rates.