Never Use "Honestly" in a Truthful Statement

One of my biggest pet peeves is someone who describes a statement using the term honestly. Why?  Because there is usually a hint of dishonesty to whatever is said.  Its a bad habit if you do it and usually a sign of insecurity about a statement or a sign that you are not telling 100% of the truth.  If you have to describe your statement as honestly it unusually means there might be a slight "white lie" in your statement.

This holds true especially in the World of Wall Street and politics.  I here statements like this often on TV and it immediately tells me this person might be full of shit.  Its a good thing to listen for if you are a contrarian investor.  I tend to run for the hills and avoid a stock or company immediately if I hear management use this.

"Honestly, I really like it." "Honestly, I really don't know the answer." "Do you want my honest answer?"

Pay attention to the next time you hear it and ask yourself what hidden agenda that person who said it might have.  Feel free to submit your examples below.  

The other statement I am starting to not like is also . . .  "Trust me".  

Intuit SiteBuilder Desktop & SiteBuilder Lite Problems

I have been a loyal customer of Homestead for over 12 years and something is very screwed up with the software and tech support at the company.  Ever since Intuit purchased Homestead recently the support and software has gone way down hill.  Ever since the update with the bug I have been unable to edit my sites and feel like I am being held hostage.

I run a few web sites that have heavy traffic and very tech saavy about how to use the software.  I have been trying for 3 months to inform Intuit Homestead that their recent SiteBuilder updates have bugs in them.  After numerous phone calls, emails and chat support nothing has been done to fix the problem.  My problem is very simple and its frustrating that no one at this huge company is aware of the bug or has been able to fix it.  

Intuit SiteBuilder desktop recently did an update to their software 3 months which is preventing me from uploading any lengthy html code.  The Homestead SiteBuilder software freezes and does not allow me to upload or change any of the code.  I have tried uploading 500 to 2000 lines of code into the html snippet and it does not work.

I tried using the SiteBuilder lite hosted version and this does not work either.  Whenever, I try and upload my code to the site it inserts footer code into my page even though the boxes below are unchecked.  The footer code that is mysteriously inserted into my pages creates formatting issues.  The correct format for my site is here (correct page I haven't changed this page in 3 months) and see the footer code that Intuit screws up the formatting of my test page here

The solution I was told by a customer support representative was to upload the page directly using the file manager.  However, all my pages are indexed in the search engines under HTML and uploading an HTM file is the only way to do this.   Why can I not create and HTML page and only an HTM page?

Another solution that an Intuit representative told me was to do a clean install of the software.  I did this on two computers and even went to the store to buy a new $1,500 Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook with Windows 7.  Same problem still exists and Intuit can't find a solution.  They can't even let me use an old version of the software which works correctly.   Very bummed and will likely be leaving the company soon.

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