Thursday, February 21, 2008

Silicon Valley vs. Southern California

IPO vs. Acquisition, Band of Angels vs. Tech Coast Angels, Facebook vs. MySpace, Stanford vs. CalTech, Polished vs. Scrappy, 3rd time CEO vs. 1st time CEO, 10M Pre vs. 3M Pre-Money Valuation are some of the many common characteristics of Bay Area Companies vs. Southern California Companies. However, Southern California is catching up to its big brother and now accounts for two-thirds of the state's GDP, making it the 15th largest economy in the world? In 2007, the region saw the second highest level of capital investment in the U.S. (beat only by Silicon Valley) with 1.10 billion invested over 66 deals, the first time investments have topped $1 billion in a single quarter since 2000, reports VentureOne.

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  1. Unfortunately most of the aerospace companies have left the area due to rules and taxes in California. All that is left in So. Cal., or California for that matter, is Service industries and Entertainment. We need manufacturing again not only in California but in America as a whole. The USA cannot survive being a service provider to the world, or to each ourselves for that matter.

    So. Cal. still has enough land mass to do this versus the Bay Area. Let's work to bring back that which made So. cal. great.


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