Next Stop S&P 1,600

You can thank the phony Fed for their moronic stimulus QE program that has create more asset bubbles.  1,600 is only a 38% retracement from the 2009 lows.  Its taken a long time to burst but it looks like it took oil crashing and the strong dollar to do it.  You can also thank the high yield chasing hedge funds as well.  Maybe we can all travel to Europe again cheaply when the Euro and the dollar are 1 to 1 or possibly a discount again. 

How Crony Capitalism Corrupts the Free Markets

The damage the Federal Reserve is destroying the price function of free markets and capitalism. 

How 0% Interest Rates Has Caused The Next High Yield Bubble (Video)

How 0% Interest Rates Cause Hedge Funds to Chase Emerging Markets & Oil Yield
The strong dollar is causing commodities including oil to crash. 

Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy

The Put Call Ratio vs the S&P 500 Is Unhealthy Once Again
Everyone Buying Calls & No One Is Buying Puts
Healthy Markets Correct To Clean Out The Crap & Pretenders
This Market is Phony Just Like The Fed Who Does Not See A Bubble
This is Not a Map But An Important Chart to Understand

Who Owns These Santa Barbara Mansions on the Beach?

A Baseball Diamond On The Beach in Santa Barbara?  Wow! 

Do You Think This Neighborhood Likes Tennis?

We Counted 22 Tennis Courts Among 30 Homes in Palos Verdes on Paseo La Cresta
We found this doing research for

Summer Internship - Crowdsourcing, Social Media & Maps

We Are Seeking A Summer Intern
If you want to learn more about crowdsourcing, social media and mapping send us your resume.  Please be creative about contacting us in order to stand out.  Here is our Syndicated Maps LinkedIn Profile

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