Thursday, February 14, 2008

Could Google Become The Next Wireless Giant?

Range of and capacitiy have been major limitations for existing cell tower solutions. I am not an engineer but it would seem that if a cell down can only reach customers over a few square miles than the technology is probably old. I have heard Wifi and Wimax tests have proven to work up to 100 miles. I also know how to make a phone call using VOIP. So if you add 1+1 together you get a Wifi / VOIP mobile phone. Is it going to take an innovator like Google to enter the wireless carrier business before existing carriers will wakeup and invest in the future? Google does know how to provide a good service to its customers and monetize that experience through advertising profitably. Why can't the same be done with free mobile phones?


  1. That sounds too much like right, Jeff. The cell phone carriers - T-Mobile, Verizon and the rest will have Google in court much like Google has taken action against Microsoft and Yahoo in the past.

  2. What about Google TV?


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