Media Optimization Firms Are Red Hot In Southern California in 2009

Media optimization is starting to become a headline buzz word in 2009 as the recession drags into the near year. Optimization is one solution to cutting costs that will virtually guarantee a return on your advertising investment if executed properly. If you are a savvy agency, advertiser or publisher and you are not using a platform or service to optimize your paid search, display and landing pages, you are getting behind the curve. Advertisers are demanding accountability and performance in this economic downturn and are increasingly moving toward performance based arrangements or CPA deals. Why, because it hedges some of the risk and the publisher or agency is required to produce results. The old model of buying impressions or clicks and hoping for conversions to sales is GONE for the sophisticated online marketing companies. Here are 4 companies using optimization technology to build competitive advantages in their respective spaces:

Magnify360 - Landing page optimization using predictive data analysis
Adisn - Display advertising optimization for advertisers
Rubicon Project - Publisher ad network optimization – Domain parking ad network optimization

Stay tuned for a list of large publisher advertising networks in Southern California that I am gathering information on: Demand Media, Gorilla Nation, Specific Media, Tsavo.