Health & Wellness Venture Capital Funds

I heard an interesting investment thesis yesterday on CNBC that obesity is a major reason for our poor economy. The analyst said that fighting obesity with new health and wellness companies could add nearly $1 trillion dollars to our economy and create lots of jobs.  While at the same time taxing fat and food companies that are responsible for putting this in our diets.  Southern California would undoubtedly be the leading region of the US where outdoor activity and fitness are embedded in our everyday life.  When you travel East or to the Midwest, you begin to really notice how the Country has changed in the last 10 years.  Kids are fat and parents are lazy.  

Over the last 10 years, Venture Capital has become increasingly more specialized and VC funds have become much smaller. The idea fund size in my opinion is around $25-$100M in order to accommodate smaller funding rounds. Health and wellness companies have been criticized by almost every VC fund over the last decade because they are thrown into the category of lifestyle businesses. I think this could soon change if the US Government and Wall Street decide they want to take some companies public and a few private equity groups start looking to buy companies.

This is one reason I think the health and wellness category could emerge as a new investment category that could garner lots of FDIC or government subsidy money.  Are there any funds out there that have the thesis?  If there are I want to know about them because exercise is a passion of mine.   The types of companies a specialized fund would look for would be the following:

1) Running, triathlon, and race organization groups (Marathons, Ironman, 10K Races)
2) Health Food Manufacturing, Distribution & Marketing Companies
3) Exercise Equipment Manufacturing, Distribution & Marketing
4) Adventure & Health Travel Marketing and Organizations
5) Natural supplements and vitamin companies. No drugs allowed
6) Internet publishing - coaching, counseling, advice, therapy
7) Physical therapy, employee health, and chiropractic groups
8) A healthy diet and meal marketing & distribution
9) Software & mobile applications
10) Restaurants (maybe)