Did Google's Failed Acquisition of Groupon Prompt a CEO Change?

Did Eric Schmidt fail to consummate an important acquisition of Groupon that prompted the change?  I personally am happy that Google did not buy Groupon because I think the company is very spammy.  However, the category is growing quickly and Wallstreet doesn't wait around for excuses of why the advertising giant does not have a product in the category of group buying and coupons for local businesses.

Or is it more about control and does Larry Page want more control of the company to make more acquisitions?  Is Facebook's increased threat of taking market share from the search giant prompting some paranoia.  The war is now on between company founders Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Larry Page of Google.   It will be interesting to see how each will handle the growing mobile advertising industry and Google has a huge head start.  It's kind of scary to see Apple and Google CEO have leadership issues as they are the two of the largest technology companies.