How to Be Smarter Than The News Media

Financial & Political News Media
Most smart people know that the mainstream media is controlled by huge companies at the highest level and they are simply puppets and not news reporters any longer.  The majority of what we hear is not news but simply filtered PR and sensation stories that have filtered their way to the top of the pile in social media. If you take the time to read these blogs daily below, it will guarantee you to become smarter about interpreting the mainstream liberal news.

Social media is merely a representation of what is popular and not necessarily what is important.  This drives news reports to talk about stupid things that any normal intelligent person would just ignore as a waste of time.  Bloggers have taken over the role of reporting the news in finance, economics and  politics.  Bloggers do the best job of dissecting and interpreting the mainstream liberal media news, which is very hard to do.  Some bloggers are reckless about not checking facts but information does have a way of getting filtered out eventually.  

Here are the best blogger news sources I read that help support my conservative views about politics, economy and finance.  I read them daily because the mainstream news is typically old, non-original and derived from blogger sources.  At the same time it is virtually impossible in depth coverage of to get quality news coverage from NBC, CBS, ABC and even Fox.   You can also follow this list on Twitter at Smarter Political News.  Here are two other Twitter lists I am building that do a good job of interpreting the biased financial press and technology news. Smarter Tech News Smarter Financial News