Crowdsourcing the Cause of Cancer

We have been to several cancer fundraisers over the years.  One thing that strikes me about the research is that most people are focusing on cures for cancer.  So I just googled "crowdsourcing the cause for cancer" and nothing came up.  I am curious if enough research is focusing on environmental factors that might be causing it.

Could the causes of cancer be related to stress, radiation, EMF, water, air, diet, etc?  Genetics I am sure play a huge role but what about environmental issues?  Is our research focused enough on this?

This is one of the reasons we started,, and  Do a search on these maps for "cancer" or "water" and you will find some interesting articles on the map.  We continually hear about cancer clusters in areas that have heavy industrial activity.  However, the Government based health organizations doesn't seem to be keeping up with other industries.  What can be done to change this?