Top 5 Public Safety Concerns of Ordinary People in 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018) is just a few weeks away and this show always seems to set the focus on various topics each year like Smart Cities, etc.  We will be attending for the day on January 10th in Las Vegas.  I am hoping to see more focus on consumer geographic proximity awareness public safety services and software.  Smart cities have been a hot topic of late and I think cities would be smarter if Local, State and Federal bureaucrats & agencies focused on these safety issues.

Public safety can be a politicized topic and the reason I have called out the concerns of "ordinary people" is because most government officials don't always focus on what really matters to most of us and often have conflict with donations and public agency agendas.  Here are our top public safety concerns based on the search 6,000,000+ visitors we receive on a annual basis to our public safety maps.

1)  Road Safety - More people are killed in car, pedestrian and bike accidents each year in the United States.  Wouldn't you like to know where most of the accidents are occurring?  The 80/20 rule applies to car, pedestrian, bike & train accidents in most cities. has the data that public agencies and navigation app companies should be using to warn drivers and pedestrians of the potential hazards. is a complimentary database of traffic cameras, red light cameras and school safety cameras.  If you are in an accident you might want to subpoena the video from the City for insurance purposes.

2)  Safety at School - School violence captured on video seems to be at an all time high.  Violence and fights have always occurred at school but now it seems to be glorified similar to MMA.  This is a concerning trend for the future of our educational systems and all parents should be aware if violence at their children's school is a problem. is a map database of hazardous intersections near schools as well as a database of schools that have a track record of violence.   See our Dangerous Schools YouTube channel.

3)  Safety at Home - More & more people are becoming aware of the public safety risks that big industries like oil and gas drilling, refining and power generation pose on our environment and local air & water quality.  This concern is reflected by home prices in areas that have heavy industry activity.,, and tries to help real estate buyers and sick home owners with cancer and related illnesses to better understand the health and safety issues going on around them with the growing trend of fracking and urban oil & gas drilling.

4)  Safety at Work - A topic that is not widely discussed is indoor air quality.  How do you know if your office building, hospital or hotel room has clean air and the operator cleans their HVAC system frequently?  You can't smell all air quality hazards and bacteria floating in the air. We launched 2 new maps this past summer of hotels, hospitals and office buildings with frequent reports of poor indoor air quality issues to raise awareness of this problem. and

5)  Cell Phone Coverage - How many times have you been driving in a  canyon, hilly, wooded area and found yourself with zero cell phone coverage?  What would happen if you found yourself in an emergency and couldn't make a phone call?  Have you had cell reception at your home and now suddenly have none?  These are all trends that are not discussed in the media as carriers have sold their cell towers and are only concerned with shoving more data down your throat.  Carriers lack any local competition thanks to the FCC and seem to care less about helping you make a quality phone call anymore. is a database of coverage problems reported by mobile phone users. 

Why are we aggregating and crowdsourcing this data?  We would like companies, governments and to developers use (license) this data alongside other services to help people live live healthier and safer lives.  

New Map of Ice Hockey Teams, Arenas & Rinks

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Map, directions & buy tickets to NHL, AHL, OHL, NAPHL,  AAA, WHL, ECHL, USHL & College ice hockey games. Find indoor and outdoor ice rinks throughout United States & Canada.  Search for ice rinks near you. Find AAA Jr. Teams. 

Should Snapchat Should Buy A Mapping Company?

I think if Snapchat bought a mapping company it would boost its stock price and long term product vision? SNAP stock price is down 20% since the IPO and I think the product is not user friendly enough.

Social media companies like Facebook and Twitter still have done a poor job of using maps to help their users communicate.  Snap has a real opportunity to do something different in the mapping space that is still fairly underserved in social media.  Google+ could have used maps in their product as well and they blew this opportunity.  There are so many small mapping companies that could help them build an amazing product.

Google Crisis Emergency Map Could Save Your Life

Google Crisis Map Data Layers

Who has used Google Crisis Map?  This map doesn't seem very well known or widely used or sourced by the public or news media?  The data on the map could potentially save your life especially if you are traveling to an area that you are not familiar with. Knowing the details of what is going on in that area can be incredibly valuable.  I don't think weather apps and websites convey this information properly consumers on a map such as: fires, air quality, tropical storms, potential flash floods, tornadoes, wind, hail, volcanos can save your life.  I would like to see a lot more public safety data added to this map like cell phone coverage and hazardous locations. 

Here is just some of the data that Google Crisis Map aggregates below and the source of the data. 

Weather, Hazards, Emergency Preparedness Published by Google Crisis Response Public Alerts Emergency information including evacuation notices for hurricanes, storm warnings, earthquakes, and more. Source:,,,,, and others. Clouds Source: NRL Last updated: 6:03 AM (58 minutes ago) Traffic & Transit Traffic alerts from users Zoom to area Waze Live Map Source: Carolinas Zoom to area Florida Zoom to area Current Traffic Speeds Evacuation Resources US Hurricane Evacuation Routes Zoom to area · View data Routes of evacuation as collected by FEMA (HSIP Gold 2010). Source: FEMA US Storm Reports Zoom to area · Source: National Weather Service (NOAA-NWS) Last updated: 6:55 AM (5 minutes ago) Overview of latest disaster alerts Zoom to area · Source: Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) Last updated: 7:00 AM (1 minute ago) Storm Information Map layers related to US Hurricanes and Storms. High wind probability Zoom to area ·  Probability of sustained (1-minute) surface (10-meter altitude) wind speeds equal to or exceeding 39 mph (tropical storm force). Learn more. Source: National Hurricane Center. Last updated: May 11, 2017 US Tropical Storms - Forecast Location This layer currently contains nothing to show on the map. 3-Day Forecast Cone(s) of active Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. See also: 5-day Forecast Cone(s)Source: NOAA-National Hurricane Center Last updated: 6:33 AM (27 minutes ago) US Tropical Storms -- Current Location Zoom to area · Current location(s) of active Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. See also: Historical tracks Source: NOAA-National Hurricane Center Last updated: 6:33 AM (27 minutes ago) US Tropical Storms -- Forecast Track Zoom to area ·Source: NOAA-National Hurricane Center Last updated: 6:33 AM (27 minutes ago) Ocean observations Zoom to area · Source: IOOS, et al. Aggregation by SECOORA Last updated: 7:00 AM (1 minute ago) Hardware & Lumber Stores Flooding-related Air Quality Air Quality -- Current Conditions Zoom to area ·  Source: EPA AirNow. Last updated: May 18, 2016 Air Quality -- Tomorrow's Forecast Zoom to area · Source: EPA AirNow Last updated: May 18, 2016 Hourly combined ozone and PM2.5 Zoom to area · Source: EPA AirNow Last updated: Feb 23, 2016 Hourly PM2.5 Zoom to area ·  Source: EPA AirNow Last updated: Feb 23, 2016 Hourly ozone Zoom to area ·  Source: EPA AirNow Last updated: Feb 23, 2016 Wildfire Preparedness InciWeb Wildfire Information Zoom to area · Source: US Active Fire Perimeters California Statewide Fire Map Zoom to area · Source: CAL FIRE. Approximate locations of major fires burning in California. Some fires are not under the jurisdiction of CAL FIRE. Preparedness Supplies

Syndicated Maps Data Marketplace

syndicated maps data marketplace
Soft Launch of New Data Marketplace

Soft launch of our new site and data marketplace we launched yesterday. We are offering a 50% discount for the anyone who purchases within the next 48 hours.

Still testing the platform so we appreciate your feedback and suggestions!

What Is The Best Data Marketplace or API for Selling / Sharing Map Data?

Does anyone know what the best data marketplace is for selling / licensing geospatial map data?  I have been looking for resources like this for years.  

Google Maps Marketplaces was developing a product like this and then scrapped it just to integrate this data into their Places product.  

ESRI has a marketplace to showcase data but there is no transactional engine to actually license the data.  

MapBox has a large map developer community but does not seem interested in creating. 

Carto seems like they could be the best company to make this happen with their data analysis products. 

Open Street Maps is an "open" platform of data but doesn't have a premium solution for developers like us who have worked for years to aggregate data sets to be compensated for data licensing.

The map market needs a solution where any data provider can upload or use a hosted map.  This data is then accessible via a map API by other developers and users.  The usage of the data is tracked and then billed directly through the system.  

Please let us know if anyone has such a solution.  

Google Finally Allows Fair Auction for Header Bidding Ad Networks

Google Removes Its 'Last-Look' Auction Advantage. The "last-look" advantage Google’s ad server gave to Google's ad exchange so bothered publishers and exchanges that it gave rise to header bidding. As of this week, that advantage is no more!

Previously, AdX would wait for all those other exchanges to submit their bids, and then give itself a chance to outbid the winner. So if Google’s exchange had two bids of $1 and $5, it would be able to beat a $4 bid from an outside exchange. Under the new auction rules, it would submit a bid of $1 (the second price) and lose the auction.

Here's how the programmatic auction will work: All EBDA exchange participants – including Index Exchange, Rubicon Project, PubMatic, Sovrn, Smaato and Gamut – submit their final bids. The DoubleClick AdExchange (AdX) also submits its final bid. And the best price wins.   Read more.

What is the Best Header Bidding Solution?

We get emails daily from ad networks or people who say they are an ad network offering solutions to raise CPM's.  As a small publisher it is very difficult to understand what ad networks actually offer a competitive service to Google Ad Sense.

What is the best header bidding solution for a small publishers? Is it better to go with multiple ad networks or just one like Appnexus or Pubmatic?

Over the last 10 years I have watched our traffic increase steadily by 15%+ per year.  However, our advertising revenue from Google and has stayed fairly flat and not increased much at all.   Is this because Google is continually taking a bigger piece of the revenue share?

We have heard that header bidding is a solutions that can increase CPM's by 2x or 3x depending on the traffic.  Is this true for someone is a niche map crowdsourcing publishing space?

Please email me if you have a solutions or suggestions.

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