Crowdsourced Map of Homeless in California

We are interested in building a map of the homeless crisis in California.  Particularly in Los Angeles, Venice and San Francisco.  We want to plot these camps on a map so people can better understand where and why they are happening.  We have successfully launched 10+ other public safety maps that solve similar data problems.

ArcGIS just came out with a map (above) that shows homeless density but that is not enough detail to start solving the problems.  There needs to be a free online map where people can report, search, download and share homeless data.  Also a place where homeless people can report problems and find a place or bed available.  Knowing where to send people is a huge problem for police in many areas.

Its apparent using the map that it is popular because it keeps crashing today and barely loads.  There is a huge problem that needs to be mapped and the data should be shared.

If anyone reads this and want to help.  Please contact us.  Resources need to be invested into this project and we don't even know where and who to start talking with.