How Can I Find Social Media Influencers?

Social media is playing a significant role in attracting visitors to your business. But how would it be achieved? You have probably noticed a lot of users on several pages and groups. They are getting engaged and responding to each post. The owner of that page is a true influencer on social forums. Hence, a social media influencer will be quite effective in bringing the targeted audiences over to your social platform.

Now the problem is how you would find the right social media influencer for your business. There are numerous influencing marketing tools available free of cost. You can easily find them. Most of them are accessible through mobile phone apps as well.

5 Best Tools To Find Social Media Influencers

1) Upfluence

Upfluence is one of the useful influencer platforms. It is considered as the most trusted tool. Interestingly, it contains more than 3 million profiles. Additionally, the algorithm updates the data quickly.

You can search for the targeted influencer through an appropriate keyword. Just write the desired phrase in the search box, placed on the left side of the screen. As a result, a list of profiles will be displayed in the pane on the right. You can check the members, followers, and active social forums of each influencer.

2. BuzzSumo

It is one of the popular tools in searching for the right influencers. Through this tool, you can find the best writers and bloggers with the help of suitable keywords. Now, it is easy to investigate the profiles based on serving companies, bloggers, the number of users, and reviews. It also shows the real figure of active users who are engaged with a particular influencer.

Do you ask several questions before hiring? It means you are a choosy personality. If you are searching for expert social media influencers related to your industry, use this tool. The search method is so user-friendly that there is no need to explain its process. Search through keyword, select the targeted profile, views its influencing stats, and you have done. How easy is it?

3. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is focusing on the top Instagram influencer listing tool. The AI-based system analyzed the profiles and ranked them, considering the user's engagement and followers. You can check the list of 1000 influencers at a time or could be viewed via 14 categories. A country filter is also available to narrow down the target. When you wish to buy coursework, just check the below features to find the most appropriate profile:
  •   Recent ranking
  •  Influencer’s Instagram username
  •  Area of influencer’s interest
  •  Location of a major audience
  • Number of followers

4. Post For Rent

This tool collects data through review writing forms. Brands themselves and influencers script the review about their effectiveness. You can also select a particular profile from its star-rating. Just click the profile and read the details. If you try a search, you can able to view the profiles, their stars, comments, and mandatory statistical data. You can filter the profiles through hashtags as well.

You, as an influencer seeker, also can establish your profile. Mention all the key points you desire to have in the social media influencer. Through this simple strategy, potential expert contacts you via your publically campaign post.

5. LinkedIn

It is another famous social media platform. LinkedIn is specially used by recruiters all over the world. Individuals create their portfolios while the company’s representatives choose lots of interested candidate’s resumes from LinkedIn. So, if you are looking for a social media influencer, get assistance from this medium.

Type the phrase search in the search box at the top of the screen. As a result, the system will show you a list of suitable candidates. A set of ten profiles will appear on each screen. Just scroll down and click on the next page for finding the right candidate. Short-list all the appropriate profiles and contact them one by one via messenger, at the right side of the screen.
LinkedIn has upgraded its system, which results in having spammy-free user accounts. Thus, you are contacting genuine people, no doubt, for fake profiles.


Still, there are more ways and paid software that can work for you more efficiently. But the tools mentioned above are offering free versions as well. However, the unpaid version won’t allow you to use enough features. So, try them and then make the decision with full concentration.

Author Bio:
Reanne Carell is working as a Business Executive at Crowd Writer, an essay writing service UK. She also owns a blog WordCountJet where Reanne shares information & tactics related to social engagement. She also likes to train youngsters in the social media marketing field.