Steve Ballmer's USA Facts "Change The Story"

Steve Ballmer's USA Facts Change The Story

When Americans are empowered with the facts, they can understand the nation’s issues and make changes—not just in their own story, but the story of the country. USAFacts believes that reasoned, informed decisions can only happen when all Americans have access to the same nonpartisan 

For the first time tomorrow night, Joe Biden and President Trump will be on the debate stage and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wants to make sure people know the truth regardless of what is said on stage. In an exclusive look at his latest non-partisan data site that aims to educate voters, he joins her. Plus, Ballmer reacts to the latest reports about President Trump's tax returns as a fellow billionaire.

USAFacts will begin the "Change the Story" movement during the nationally broadcast presidential debates to inspire Americans with the power of non-partisan facts. A diverse community of Americans and their personal stories feature in this campaign. Here, preview the video and see how these Americans are using knowledge to change their stories and the story of the country. Check out the entire CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC advertisements before and during the September 29 presidential debate. Those watching it on ABC and NBC network channels will see it after the debate. During the other debates on October 7, 15, and 22, viewers would have more chances of catching it.