Why does AdSense approval take so long? - I Asked ChatGPT

AdSense approval

The length of time it takes for AdSense approval can vary depending on several factors. While I don't have access to real-time information, I can provide some general reasons why AdSense approval may take longer:

  1. Review Process: Google AdSense has a thorough review process to ensure that publishers meet their guidelines and policies. This process involves reviewing the website's content, design, layout, user experience, and adherence to AdSense policies. The review process may take time due to the high volume of applications Google receives.
  2. Application Volume: Google receives a significant number of applications for AdSense on a daily basis. This high volume of applications can result in delays as they work through the queue and review each application thoroughly.
  3. Quality Assurance: Google is committed to maintaining the quality of the ads that appear on their network. They want to ensure that the websites participating in AdSense are legitimate, adhere to their policies, and provide a positive user experience. Therefore, they conduct a comprehensive evaluation before approving an application.
  4. Manual Review: Some applications may require manual review if they fall into a category that requires closer scrutiny. This could be due to factors such as the type of content, the website's niche, or previous violations of AdSense policies. Manual reviews take more time than automated reviews.
  5. Policy Compliance: AdSense has strict policies regarding content, copyright, adult material, illegal activities, and more. If your website doesn't comply with these policies, it may take longer to get approved or may be rejected altogether. It's essential to ensure your website meets all the guidelines before applying.
  6. Geographic Location: The approval process may vary based on your geographical location. Some regions may have additional requirements or specific review processes, which can contribute to longer approval times.

It's worth noting that the above reasons are general explanations and may not cover all possible scenarios. To get more specific information about your AdSense application, it's best to reach out to the AdSense support team or consult the official AdSense documentation.

Are humans or computers reviewing adsense websites for approval?

The AdSense approval process involves a combination of both automated systems and manual review by humans. When you submit an application for AdSense, it goes through an initial automated review that scans your website for compliance with AdSense policies and guidelines. This automated review checks factors such as content, design, layout, user experience, and adherence to policy.

If your website passes the initial automated review, it will then undergo a manual review by AdSense specialists. These specialists are trained to assess websites more comprehensively and make a final determination regarding eligibility for AdSense.

During the manual review, the AdSense specialists examine your website in greater detail to ensure that it meets the AdSense program policies and guidelines. They verify the quality of the content, ensure there are no violations of policies, and assess the overall user experience.

The combination of automated systems and manual review helps ensure that AdSense maintains a high level of quality in its advertising network and provides a positive experience for users and advertisers.

It's important to note that the specific details of the review process may evolve over time as Google continues to refine its procedures. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it's recommended to consult the official AdSense documentation or reach out to the AdSense support team.