How Many Sole Proprietorships are there in the U.S.

sole proprietors, s corps and c corps growth chart 
Today, there over 23 million sole proprietorships, 1.7 million traditional C corporations and 7.4 million partnerships and S corporations.  Over 70 percent of businesses in the United States are sole proprietorships. A sole proprietorship is a type of business that is owned and run by a single person, though it may have multiple employees.

Loud Low Flying Planes at Night From LAX

Why are Australia and New Zealand bound flights taking off to the East at LAX between 10pm-12am and sometimes later?  Loud low flying planes are now coming over Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach at elevations of 3,000-5,000 feet while people are trying to fall asleep.  You could imagine at 11pm at night when you kids are trying to sleep that it is extremely loud and can shake the house.  Several thousand residents are starting to complain on an open Facebook forum and we decided to publish an article to see if we could get a response.

We have documented American, Quantas and Air New Zealand flights to Australia and New Zealand taking off to the East from LAX.  Why do these Australia and New Zealand bound flights consistently take off over land to the East between 10pm & 12 am?  This is just not one night.  It has been happening very regularly.


Can someone please explain why the hundreds of other flights take off to the West over the ocean like this below? Several aviation experts have said that it is because of the wind direction.   However, then why are hundreds of other flights taking off to the West over the ocean like normal flight.  See the maps below.  I am not buying this explanation because it is happening too frequently.  

When will Fed Chairman Janet Yellen get fired?

When will Trump Fire Fed Chairman Janet Yellen?
When will Fed Chairman Janet Yellen get fired? #twitterpoll #Yellen #Election2016

A Twitter Poll of how soon Fed Chairman Janet Yellen will get fired?  Will she just resign ahead of the inevitable?  

Map of Google Search Trends on Election Day

Map of Google search terms on election day: Long wait times, provisional ballots, inactive voter status, voter intimidation, voting machine problems.

Google Search Term Election Day Map

Map of When Election Polls Close

Did You Change Your Vote for Trump or Clinton Based The New FBI Investigation?

James Comey New FBI Investigation

What Should The "Top Priority" Be For Our Next President?

Vote for one:  Immigration, Healthcare, Economy, Defense 

When Casting Your Vote For Politicians: Which Do You Consider The Most Important Attribute?

Vote for one:  Honesty & Integrity, Leadership & Management, Knowledge & Experience, Political Party & Views 

Which 24 Hour News Network Do You Trust The Least?

Twitter Poll, Corrupt Media, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, HLN

What is the biggest problem today's United States political system?

Vote for one: politicians getting rich, electoral college, lobbying groups, special interests, corrupt news media.

What Do You Think The New FBI Investigation of Clinton's Emails Will Reveal?

Illegal Clinton Foundation Deals,  Benghazi Lies, New Illegal Activity, Nothing New, Hillary Clinton

What Do You Think Shapes Public Opinion The Most In American Politics?

News Medai, Social, Media, Religion, Family & Friends

Do You Think Twitter's Reader Audience is More Liberal, Conservative or Independent?

Liberal, Conservative, Independent

Crowdsourcing the Cause of Cancer

We have been to several cancer fund raisers over the years.  One thing that strikes me about the research is that most people are focusing on the cures for cancer.  So I just googled "crowdsourcing the cause for cancer" and nothing came up.  I am curious if enough research is focusing on environmental factors that might be causing.

Could the causes of cancer be related to stress, radiation, EMF, water, air, diet, etc.  Genetics I am sure play a huge role but what about environmental issues?  Is our research focused enough on this?

This is one of the reasons we started, and  Do a search on these maps for "cancer" or "water" and you will find some interesting articles on the map.  We continually hear about cancer clusters in areas that have heavy industrial activity.  However, the Government based health organizations doesn't seem to be keeping up with other industries.  What can be done to change this?

Zika Virus Map of United States

Zika VIras Map of United States
The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) today created a publicly available interactive map showing the number of Zika virus cases in each state. 2016 Zika Virus affected States and Counties.

Why The Brexit Vote is Common Sense

The Brexit vote to leave the EU is just common sense and the financial press doesn't understand it. Why the hell would anyone want negative interest rates? Banks & the EU / US Fed are the fraud of our entire financial system. Congrats England on your referendum vote which will be a long term success heard around the World.

Data Mapping as a Platform

Thanks Mary Meeker & MapBox

Walk Street Homes in Manhattan Beach Zillow Zestimate of $15M?

$15M Walk Street Home Zestimate in Manhattan Beach?

Real estate in Manhattan Beach is pretty crazy once again.  You know things are getting wacky in real estate when Zillow says Walk Street homes in Manhattan Beach are $15M.   Not just one house in the the area.  If you look on the map there are several in the $10M+ range.  

Does Zillow have any data scientist that try and normalize data?  I am curious how long it will take them to fix this problem?  Stay tuned and we will report back.

Hockey Stick Real Estate Value Growth Chart Zillow Zestimate in Manhattan Beach

Google Maps Ads for Map Publishers?

Will Google Maps enable map publishers like us to get paid for ads published on maps?  Ad Sense has been a very profitable product for publishers.  I hope they enable publishers like us to get paid for ads displayed on our maps as well.  

Stanley Cup 2016 Playoffs Map

Warm Weather Prevails!  
Where are the Canadian teams?

Intel's Sensor Chip "Curie" Has Lots of Mapping Applications

Intel's Curie Sensor Chip
Lots of amazing mapping applications in Sports, Health, Safety. 

Intel 2016 CES Keynote CEO Brian Krzanich

Less Than .01% of Mobile Apps Are Used on A Consistent Basis

RIP 99% of Mobile Apps

Great Quote from VP of Global Marketing at Facebook Carolyn Everson. 

"80% of the time users spend time on top 4 apps. .00087% of apps are actually used on a consistent basis."  This quote was from the Keynote address at CES 2016.  

This is why we don't develop apps. Apps are too expensive and no ROI.

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